How To Truly Enjoy Your Holiday Break (And Not Hate Yourself In January)

Highly motivated professionals often struggle during the holiday break. While we are trimming the tree and sipping the nog, our minds wander towards the unread email, piles of chores, and other tasks we could accomplish in the time we are meant to use for relaxing.
The holidays give us a time to reflect on the year past and appreciate what has brought us joy and success. At Midphase, we know that it is our tireless clients who keep our systems running. To celebrate this festive time, we would like to offer you some tips on how to truly enjoy your holiday break, without getting overwhelmed in the new year.

Prioritize your days off

If you only accomplish one thing each day of your holiday break, what would you want it to be? Decide what the first thing is and then if there’s time move to the next. Setting a slower pace can help us enjoy the holiday break more than cramming each day to the brim.

Be realistic

Sometimes we begin to plan what we will do during downtime months in advance. So when the days off finally roll around, we find that we have a three-foot long to-do list. Know what you can truly schedule into a single day and work from there. Holidays can be a stressful time, so much so that we often can’t wait to return to our routines.  

Accomplish what you can

It’s easy to feel guilty when you take a half hour to catch up on work. This should not be the case. Instead, schedule the time you spend working. Even ten minutes checking email can save our overworked brains when January rolls around. Just be sure that you don’t ignore important things in favor of work.

Disengage when you can

We would love to think that the moment we begin our holiday breaks, we can effectively toss our mobiles and laptops in the trash. However, this is most likely not the case. Instead, plan to disengage during important moments with your family. For example, holiday dinners or Christmas morning.

Recognize idealistic holiday visions

Many of us fall into the trap that this year everything will be perfect. Our exposure to continuous holiday ads and storefront windows can lead us to quickly fall into the pressures of a “Perfect Holiday”. Instead, try to recognize idealistic thinking and look to find small victories instead. Your mother-in-law may not be an angel this year, but she might give a kind word or gesture.

Take time for yourself

While the holidays are a time for giving and helping one another, don’t forget to charge your own batteries too. Spend a few hours doing something you truly enjoy. Indulge in reading a holiday romance or watching too much television. Whatever your relaxing activity might be, ensure that you begin the new year refreshed and ready for action.

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